Geekom Official

GEEKOM sets its R&D headquarters in Taiwan and has several branches in many countries worldwide. Our R&D and innovation team has several members from well-known companies like Inventec and Quanta. We have 18 years of experience in developing and designing computer products.

Our products reflect our passion for technology and design. We are a group of computer engineers who want to make people's lives better and more fun. So we engaged in making our products more convenient and enjoyable. We also ensure that our products are made of high-quality materials and processes to perform reliably.

Our customers are important to us. We value their needs and opinions. We use the feedback to enhance our products and bring new design ideas. We want to offer great after-sales service to our customers and appreciate any suggestions on the forum.




In the 1980s, a boy named Kom de Olde was born. As a young boy, he was teased by others because his love of computers is so enthusiastic that it makes him different from his peers. They called him a Geek. Despite the world turning its back against him, this young man keeps pursuing his dreams. He gathered a team of professional computer technicians like him and continued to innovate, design, and develop products and technologies that meet the different needs of users. In September 2003, they built a Computer Kingdom: GEEKOM. Since then, it has upheld the philosophy that “everyone should pursue their passion.” Its products and service have won wide acclaim from users in North America, Europe, and other territories worldwide.