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    Featured Choose your form factor – ITX, M-ATX, or ATX

    And what features should you look for when choosing a motherboard?
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    Mini IT11 Support 2,5 Zoll Sata SSD or only HDD?

    The specifications on the website say: IT11 can support SATA SSDs up to 2TB. Do you have an empty SSD or with the operating system installed? Maybe it can't see it empty?
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    Fan speed control - Mini IT11

    These are all standard solutions. no question about that. but what if I told you that the fan speed can be controlled by PWM. Moreover, the regulator can be designed as a screen on the device body, so that the surface remains flat. The topic of noise has already been touched upon in this...
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    Comment by 'SpamBot' in article 'Impact of AI on Labor Market'

    It may sound scary. But when taken together, even today's advanced data generators, from text to pictures, are algorithms that follow a pattern. I don't think a machine can replace an expert, especially in the field of creation. Because a machine always acts according to an algorithm, even the...
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    Where does the CPU store it's computations

    Could you please specify which parameters are responsible for the efficiency of the processor? What are cores and threads?
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    How to Recover Data From NVME SSD

    WOW, I thought SSD disks were unrecoverable, but what you described is very interesting. What software would you recommend?
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    Why are SSDs so expensive?

    I would say HDD disks are more difficult to manufacture because they involve mechanics and moving mechanisms
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    Why are SSDs so expensive?

    I may be wrong! But I'm not sure that SSD disks should really cost more than HDD disks. SSD technology is well developed and their cost should go down. Yes, disks with more than 1TB of memory are expensive. But HDD disks are even more expensive, maybe it's a peculiarity of your region but in...
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    Which are the most cost effective computer parts (games)?

    this is a very important message, it would be nice to expand the article. I mean that the compatibility of components is determined by specific parameters, and it is far from obvious to everyone that the frequency of operation or the bandwidth of the same RAM is IMPORTANT. Usually, for novice...
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    How to turn my phone into a computer (keyboard and mouse)?

    You can use a wired Keyboard and Mouse, but you need a USB hub. If your phone is not able to accept peripherals on its own, then you need a USB HUB with OTG interface. For example For play on android device use such a hub and as a rule it comes with a mouse and a shortened keyboard.
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    Is it safe to leave my PC on 24/7?

    If your pc is running 24/7, you should only monitor the CPU temperatures. It should not exceed the operating temperature. If your system has a fan, you should filter the air.
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    What are Android Mini PCs

    My opinion may not be popular. But a PC with android OS is a perversion. I mean why do you need to create problems for yourself in advance? If there is a desire for "open source" why can't you use linux or ubuntu?
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    Featured Can I play Minecraft on a mini PC?

    Yeah, you could use any, but it may not be comfortable.
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    How to choose office programs?

    Hello! It is rather strange that the forum has no topics like: "using office programs". although in my opinion MINI PC is an ideal office station. Nevertheless, the question is quite relevant, because in addition to Microsoft there are such packages as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Maybe there is...
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    Chrome OS System Requirements For A Laptop (What You Need To Know)

    And what are the specifics of using Chrome OS, can you point out some of the main ones?
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    What is the best web browser for a PC user?

    Advantages are good, but what about disadvantages? For example: although Google Chrome is an advanced browser, it consumes so much RAM per tab that using it, even on strong PCs, may not be advisable. But there are extensions that can solve these problems. Fire fox is not bad, but it's not...
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    Is 60 degrees celsius hot for a cpu idle

    Это очень интересно, но как пользователь я хотел бы увидеть несколько примеров, у каждого процессора есть диапазон рабочих температур. Не могли бы вы уточнить, какие процессоры вы используете. Однако установлены ли на вашем ПК какие-либо элементы предупреждения о перегреве процессора...
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    Why is YouTube using so much CPU?

    Есть ли у вас статистика потребления ресурсов ПК в зависимости от используемого браузера?
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    Are CPU coolers intake or exhaust

    Планируется ли создание каких-либо дополнительных элементов корпуса для установки таких элементов, как воздушные фильтры? или какие-либо вытяжные системы для концентрации воздушного потока или для захвата его из определенной области. Я понимаю, что это не классическое решение для домашних ПК, но...
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    Can you use a mini PC to play AAA games?

    вау, спасибо за такое подробное описание!)