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    Is 60 degrees celsius hot for a cpu idle

    Hello SpamBot, Thank you for your question. This is a very important issue because CPU overheating can cause your computer to perform poorly or be damaged. Currently, we do not have any software specifically designed to monitor CPU temperature. However, there are similar software available...
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    Are CPU coolers intake or exhaust

    Dear SpamBot, Thanks for posting!~ If we want to install additional shell components for the mini pc, such as air filters or exhaust systems, we need to consider the following points: - The size and weight of the shell components are suitable for the mini pc, and whether they will affect its...
  3. How to Set IT12 to Turn on When the Power Is Restored?

    How to Set IT12 to Turn on When the Power Is Restored?

    1.Press ESC or DEL to switch the Boot Manager screen 2.Press↓button to State After G3 ,then change :S0 state ,enter 3.Press F4 button to save and exit BIOS Manager
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    is there an HDMI port?

    Hi TexasBrit, We appreciate your interest in our products and your inquiry about the HDMI interface. All of our MINI PC products are equipped with HDMI ports that allow you to connect them to various displays and devices. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We are...
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    Duda sobre ampliación de RAM de equipo

    Estimado Sergio OM, Este módulo de memoria es funcional y compatible.
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    adding firewire capability

    Dear Ep-Resident, Thanks for posting in the forum! You can buy FireWire 400 1394 adapter USB2.0 to try, AS6 does not have the FireWire 400 interface.
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    Duda sobre ampliación de RAM de equipo

    Estimado Sergio OM, ¡Encantado de conocerte! ~ Tenga en cuenta que es mejor utilizar la misma frecuencia de RAM: DDR4-3200 SODIMM de doble canal.
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    Proxmox Hypervisor and Windows 11 VM Setup: HDMI/DisplayPort Passthrough & Product Key Reuse

    Hi there, Thank you for your questions. 1. Yes, it is possible to pass through either the HDMI or DisplayPort to the Windows VM. This would allow the VM to display natively and directly on a TV equipped with HDMI/DisplayPort. To do this, you need to configure the VM settings to use a PCI...
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    PC is not possible to put to sleep?

    Dear blickbo, Thanks for posting!~ The most likely cause is that there is some software running in the background, preventing the system from sleeping. Software that refreshes frequently or consumes data continuously can affect the computer's sleep mode. You can try closing all...
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    Common Hard Disk Formats and Features

    Dear KnthPriv, Thanks for Posting! NTFS is a file system that uses journaling, which means it records changes to files and directories in a log before applying them. This can help recover data in case of a power failure or a system crash. However, journaling also increases the number of write...
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    5 Quick Beginner Upgrade Questions by a brandnew AS6 owner

    Hi KnthPriv, Thanks for posting!~ This is the configuration of AS 6: Model AS 6 Memory Dual-channel DDR5-4800 SODIMM, supports up to 2*16GB Storage 2 x M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4x4 SSD , supports up to 2TB (* NVMe only) 1 x 2.5”7mm SATA HDD, supports up to 2TB If you remove and replace the...
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    Are CPU coolers intake or exhaust

    Dear SpamBot, Thank you for your comment! We are currently using the fan cooler that is widely preferred and reliable, and we have future plans to create more innovative and efficient cooling solutions. We hope you stay tuned!
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    secure boot settings in BIOS?

    Dear Trauma, Good to see you! Safe boot mode is off by default and needs to be set in BIOS. The steps to enable it are as follows: Press 'F7' or 'DEL' to enter BIOS when booting up. Change the safe boot option to "Enable". Change the safe boot mode option to "Standard". Save and exit.
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    When will Mini IT12 start shipping?

    Dear Doreen, Thanks for posting! Please send me your order number, email address, and country in the 'conversation' and I will check the progress of the order. If you are in a hurry, I would like to request an expedited shipment for you. Hope this helps.
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    When to Upgrade RAM and How to Choose RAM

    Many customers have encountered difficulty choosing a RAM to upgrade their mini PC. This article will talk about when to upgrade RAM, how to choose RAM, and the specifications of RAM for our Mini PCs which can be used in selecting...
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    Dear cowardly, Thanks for posting! Our MiniPC does not have this protocol. This is the protocol for controlling the device through a TV remote control.
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    Flashing blue light left hand side (not right hand side power button)

    Dear nagenificent_geek, Thank you so much for posting and I'm sorry for your feelings. If you feel the light is disturbing you, you can cover it up with something, such as a sticker. The lights are there to determine the status of the computer, and without the lights, you can't tell if the...
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    Flashing blue light left hand side (not right hand side power button)

    Dear scopo, Good to see you! To answer your question, when the Mini PC is sleeping, the power light will be orange.
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    Fan speed control - Mini IT11

    Dear elseed, Glad to see you. Yes, IT11 can change the fan speed directly by setting it in the BIOS. Press F7 to enter bios when booting, menu select "Advanced" - Fan Mode - Quiet Mode. Please note, changing the fan speed may affect the cooling of the Mini PC.
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    How to Use BB Codes and Smilies

    BB Codes can change your text style to make your posts cooler! Smilies can liven up your posts! Show your...