IT12 - Iris iGpu


Aug 31, 2023
i read that in order to enable the IRIS iGPU you needed different ram (Dual Channel), so i purchased 32gb (16x2) PNY XLR8 DDR4 3200, dual channel
1.2v xmp 2 support to replace the single channel lexar it had installed, with the PNY memory the system boots but bios cant detect anything about the ram so it displays it as unknown and seems to only run it at 2666mhz.

i went into bios and wanted to manually change the memory settings, its logged in as an administrative user however i have a very locked down set of options. so i cant even attempt to put in the proper settings, nor can i enable IRIS iGPU that remains hidden in device manager in windows with no option to enable it. I made sure to have all intel based drivers installed and even intel arc, everything is as up to date as it stands.

is there a bios that i can flash to this IT12 that will maybe give a fully functional BIOS? maybe add more memory compatibility or at least give me the ability to manually set some of the settings myself?


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