Wake on LAN SOP of Geekom Mini IT11


1.1Hardware Requirements​

a.Router b. Ethernet cable c. Test computer A and test computer B

1.2Software Requirements​

Magic Package (Wake On Lan) tool

2.Environment Setup​

2.1Turn off the firewall (both test computer A and B need to be turned off).​


2.2In the device manager, select the LAN driver​

=> right-click properties
=> power management
=> check "Allow this device to wake the computer" and "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" as shown below.


3.Use an Ethernet cable to directly connect test computer A and test computer B.​

4.Copy the Wake on Lan tool (Magic Package) to the desktop of test computer A.​


5.After opening the Magic Package (Wake On Lan) file, click the "MAGPAC" file in the folder and right-click to run as an administrator.​


6.After running, click on the icon marked in red in the image shown below.​


7.After clicking the icon, a dialog box will appear in which you need to enter the physical address of test computer B.​


8. After test computer B is in S3/S4/S5 state, click "Send" in the Magic Package (Wake On Lan) tool dialog box on test computer A to wake up test computer B.​

Download Magic_Package (Wake On Lan) tool at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkjMBmovDJevgxZ3wHd1uO1u4l2B?e=POVo6r