Choose your form factor – ITX, M-ATX, or ATX


Most PC builders should select a motherboard based on the standard ATX form factor. If you’re looking to do a smaller build, you will be limited to mini-ITX motherboards.​
  • Prices for Mini-ITX motherboards will be higher for the features that you get, and you’ll have fewer physical PCI.e slots, which are used for graphics card, storage, sound cards, and other add-in cards. But in return you gain the ability to create a compact gaming PC.​
  • Micro-ATX (or M-ATX) motherboards, while less common, sit square in the middle of the other choices. This holds true for its size as well as general feature set.​
  • Larger E-ATX motherboards, like the Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Extreme, are physically wider—much wider. These enthusiast level units generally are packed full of features, with prices to match.​

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