Credits Feature and Summer Sale

We are excited to announce the launch of its new Credits feature and the upcoming Summer Sale event.

The Credits system is designed to reward active users with virtual Credits for all participation in the forum. You can redeem Credits for incredible rewards, including Geekom products and discount coupons.

The Summer Sale will run from June 28th to August 28th, offering double Credits for the same forum actions. The Summer Sale will also feature a range of "guessing" and "finding" games, giving members more opportunities to earn Credits.

During the Summer Sale, Credits earned for each action are doubled, allowing users to accumulate Credits faster and redeem them for rewards.

You can earn Credits by engaging in various activities within the forum, such as posting content, starting new topics, replying to threads, and gaining followers. These Credits can be exchanged for physical gifts during the Summer Sale event.

Here's a breakdown of how you can earn Credits:

Summer Sale
Post(limited)Contributing a post to an existing thread(triggered four times per day)5 Credits10 Credits
Thread(limited)Establishing a new forum topic
(triggered twice per day)
5 Credits10 Credits
ReplyReceiving a response from another user in your thread2 Credits4 Credits
Daily ActivityLogging in for the first time each day1 Credit2 Credits
FollowedGaining a new follower3 Credits6 Credits
Post LikedReceiving a "like" on your post from another user3 Credits6 Credits
View (limited)Viewing a thread created by another user (triggered five times per day)1 Credit2 Credits
Viewed (limited)Having your thread viewed by another user (triggered three times per day)1 Credit2 Credits
RegistrationA new user registering on the forum5 Credits10 Credits

Reward Details

Details regarding tangible prizes and discount coupons (non-stackable) are as follows:

Credits Required
Geekom Mini Air 11$2796000Only one unit, first-come-first-served
GEEKOM 10-in-1 USB C Hub$39.99700Up to three for one account
Geekom Mini PC Carrying Case1$39.99600Up to two for one account
U.S. $20 off coupon$20200One coupon per order(unlimited)
UK $20 off coupon£20200One coupon per order(unlimited)
France €15 off coupon€15150One coupon per order(unlimited)
Germany €15 off coupon€15150One coupon per order(unlimited)
Italy €25 off coupon€25220One coupon per order(unlimited)
Spain €25 off coupon€25220One coupon per order(unlimited)

Please note that due to warehouse restrictions, physical gifts are only available for exchange in the following regions:

United States , France , United Kingdom , Italy , Germany , Spain

Join us today to take advantage of the Credits feature and the Summer Sale event. Engage in discussions, learn from experts, and connect with others while earning Credits and redeeming rewards.

Sign up now and become a part of our growing community.

For more inquiries, please contact [email protected] or Geekom Official.
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