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What Is Low-Level Formatting?​

Low-Level Formatting (aka physical formatting) is a hard disk operation that is used to prepare a hard drive by creating the actual sectors, tracks, cylinders, and control structures required for reading and writing data on the drive. One of the common applications of low-level formatting includes erasing all the data from the hard drive, making recovery almost impossible. The whole process is executed in two levels: Formatting the HDD > Packing up the storage spaces with Zero Value (aka a Zero-filling hard drive).

How To Perform HDD Low-Level Formatting On Windows 10/8/7?

Here’s a super-warning for you:
Low-Level Formatting must be performed with extreme caution. Make sure you conduct the process against the RIGHT storage device. Any wrong step may lead to irrecoverable destruction of your data or device.


One of the most popular and highly recommended tools for performing Low-level hard disk drive formatting is HDD LLF. The small program securely follows the zero-filling hard drive process – – It includes re-initialization of the disk to factory settings by writing a zero byte to every location on the drive. Hence, all the partitions will be cleared, all the stored data will be erased completely and irreversibly.

How To Use This Best Low-Level Format Tool?​

STEP 1 = Download & install the HDD Low-Level Format program on your computer.

STEP 2 = Attach HDD or USB Drive and launch HDD LLF program.


STEP 3 = Select the desired drive and hit the Continue button.

STEP 4 = You need to click the Yes button to move ahead!

STEP 5 = At this point, navigate to the Low-Level Format tab and select the Format This Device option to start the HDD formatting process!


As soon as the process gets completed, you’ve successfully low-level formatted your HDD.
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