How to Recover Data From NVME SSD


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Apr 23, 2023
If you have accidentally deleted or formatted data from your NVMe SSD, you may be wondering how to recover it. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to restore your lost files. Here is a brief guide on how to recover data from NVMe SSD.

  1. Stop using the NVMe SSD immediately. Any further write operations may overwrite the data you want to recover and make it unrecoverable.
  2. Connect the NVMe SSD to another computer or use a USB adapter. You will need a working computer and a compatible device to access the NVMe SSD.
  3. Download and install a reliable data recovery software. There are many options available online, but make sure you choose one that supports NVMe SSD and has good reviews.
  4. Launch the data recovery software and select the NVMe SSD as the source drive. The software will scan the drive and display the recoverable files.
  5. Preview and select the files you want to recover. You can filter the files by type, size, date, etc. to narrow down your search.
  6. Choose a different location to save the recovered files. Do not save them on the same NVMe SSD as this may cause data loss again.
  7. Wait for the recovery process to complete and check the recovered files.

By following these steps, you should be able to recover data from NVMe SSD successfully. However, if the data is corrupted or overwritten, you may not be able to recover it completely or at all. In that case, you may need to contact a professional data recovery service for help.

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